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Effective Date: 8/1/2017 - 5/1/2019

Completion of the following curriculum will satisfy the requirements for an Associate in Science degree at KCTCS and related baccalaureate B.S. AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE INTERPRETING STUDIES degree at University of Louisville. This pathway meets the general education, pre-major, and program requirements.

The suggested courses in this pathway leads to an Associate and Baccalaureate major. The course recommendations for the first two years are required for the Baccalaureate degree, but also apply to the associate degree. The completion of these courses will enable a student to move efficiently into the last two years of the baccalaureate program.

It is important to discuss revisions to the plan, graduation requirements, entrance requirements, and other important program requirements with your advisor. Students who complete the associate degree in this pathway are guaranteed acceptance into the pathway as stated, unless otherwise noted on the pathway.

Sample 1st & 2nd Year Progression

Semester 1Credit Hours
GEN 100 (1) 1
QR/NS Course 3
ASL 101 (3) 3
ENG 101 (3) 3
SB Course 3
MAT 150 (3) 3
Total Credit Hours16
Semester 2Credit Hours
QR/NS Course 3
ASL 102 (3) 3
ENG 102 (3) 3
HIS 101 (3) or HIS 102 (3) 3
Elective 3
Total Credit Hours15

Semester 3Credit Hours
OC Course 3
SB Course 3
NS Course 3
NS Lab Course 1
ASL 201 (3) 3
Elective 2
Total Credit Hours15
Semester 4Credit Hours
Humanities Course 3
NS Course 3
QR Course 3
ASL 202 (3) 3
ITP 210 (3) 3
Total Credit Hours15

Pre-Transfer Notes

NOTE: Entry to the ASLIS major requires functional fluency in ASL and basic interpreting competencies. The final exam in ITP 220 will serve as part of the ASLIS screening process, which determines a student's eligibility to enter the program the following fall.

Students will be required to schedule a language placement exam to determine where they best fit in our ASL curriculum. Please contact to set up this appointment.

Transfer students can expect to take 2 additional semesters before graduation (Note the listing of the additional 33 hours in Semester 8).
Semester 9: ITP 430, 490, and 470
Semester 10: ITP 495, ITP 440, and ASL 405 (taken during the student's final semester).

Additional KCTCS Graduation Requirements

1. Completion of minimum of 60 credit hours,
2. Minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA,
3. Minimum of 15 credit hours earned at the institution awarding the degree,
4. Cultural studies course, (Refer to the KCTCS catalog.)
5. Demonstration of computer/digital literacy, (Refer to the KCTCS catalog.)
6. One science course must include a laboratory experience, and
7. Two disciplines must be represented in Social & Behavioral Science courses and must be different than those in the Heritage and Humanities categories.

Sample 3rd & 4th Year Progression

Semester 5Credit Hours
ITP 337 (3.00) 3
ITP 220 (3.00) 3
ITP 390 (3.00) 3
ITP 115 (3.00) 3
Total Credit Hours12
Semester 6Credit Hours
ITP 215 (3.00) 3
ASL 305 (6.00) 6
ITP 350 (3.00) 3
SOCS 300+ WR 3
Total Credit Hours15

Semester 7Credit Hours
ITP 325 (3.00) 3
ITP 320 (3.00) 3
HUM 591 (3.00) or HUM 592 (3.00) or HUM 593 (3.00) or HUM 594 (3.00) or HUM 595 (3.00) or HUM 596 (3.00) 3
SOCS 300+ 3
Total Credit Hours12
Semester 8Credit Hours
HUM Elective (non ITP) 300+ 3
ITP 420 (3.00) 3
ITP 370 (3.00) 3
ASL 495 12
ITP 425 (3.00) 3
ITP 430 (3.00) 3
ITP 490 (3.00) 3
ITP 470 (3.00) 3
Total Credit Hours33

Program Notes

U of L’s American Sign Language Interpreting Studies (ASLIS) program provides students the training needed to function as qualified interpreters. This includes learning ASL, understanding the basics of ASL linguistics, Deaf history and culture, and the fundamentals of the interpreting process. We emphasize communicative and cultural competency as well as critical thinking abilities that can be used in both academic and non-academic careers.
The program promotes the University’s commitment to the liberal arts and sciences by actively supporting its promise to respect and promote diversity, globalization, and internalization. In keeping with the department mission, the goal is to prepare students to function effectively in a multicultural world and in a nation of increasing diversity.

Students are to maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.25 and a minimum GPA of 3.0 in ASL and ITP courses. Admission to B.S. in ASLIS is selective, entry to the ASLIS major requires to students to apply to the program to demonstrate functional fluency in ASL and basic interpreting competencies. Seniors are required to complete roughly 450 hours in an advanced interpreting practicum, students are placed in a wide variety of settings with qualified practicing interpreters. 

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